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Amazon launches six fulfillment centers to accommodate large appliances, furniture

Hyderabad: E-commerce giant Amazon has launched six new specialised fulfilment centres and 25 delivery stations to cater to the demand for large appliances and furniture.

Amazon India category leader for appliances said to media, “there are two peak seasons for demand — Summer and Diwali. During Summer, there is a demand for large appliances such as  ACs and refrigerators.”

VP (India customer fulfilment) Akhil Saxena said, “Our investment in specialised networks helps us deliver these products quicker and to more locations.”

Following the six new specialised centres, all of which will operate within a few weeks, Amazon now has 15 specialised centres for large appliances and furniture across the country.

To further boost its ability to deliver such products quickly, the retailer has also upgraded four specialised centres. The Hyderabad centre too got an upgrade.

The new specialised centres are to come up in  Gurugram, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal, Coimbatore and Pune.

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