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​​​​​​​Ambika Sharma of Pulp strategy acquires balance stake of 22%, becomes sole equity stakeholder

New Delhi: Ambika Sharma, founder and Managing Director of Pulp Strategy, became the sole equity stakeholder of the company.

Ambika  Sharma, who was then majority stakeholder has acquired the balance equity stake of 22 percent for an undisclosed amount from the brand's existing minority shareholder, director, and chief financial officer, Raj Vikram Singh. This made her the sole equity owner of the multi-award winning full-service marketing agency.

With the management overhaul that was finalised in quarter three of the fiscal, Pulp Strategy has experienced accelerated growth.

The company is further gearing up for a large-scale business expansion, with a singular focus on innovation driven by an in-depth understanding of the industry.

With new client acquisitions including brands like Tupperware, Barco, Hero Electric, Proburst and Philips Avent, the agency is now looking to increase its focus on content marketing, digital engagement, while simultaneously leveraging interactive new-age technologies for its expanding client portfolio.

"As a young business, it was important for us to maintain our agility as well ensure that our talent contributes towards the improvement of our offerings as well as our commitment to our clients. This decision to re-haul management has been taken with an aim to augment the growth trajectory of Pulp Strategy and to consolidate the agency's market position. It will enable us to further our aggressive growth plans while strictly maintaining an industry-focused and innovation-driven approach," said founder and Managing Director, Pulp Strategy, Ambika Sharma.

The restructuring has helped Pulp Strategy tide over vision mismatch, and improve its position as a leading independent digital creative agency in India.

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