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ASSOCHAM urges better utilisation of technology in pharmaceuticals

New Delhi: Advanced, affordable and accessible solutions are the only way progressive towards enhancing the innovations in the Indian pharmaceutical sector, a top Union Health Ministry official said at an ASSOCHAM event in New Delhi.

"We need to build and develop an enabling ecosystem that unleashes the country's entrepreneurial energy so that it creates a vast and vibrant marketplace for small, medium and large enterprises which are symbiotically interconnected to deliver superior and sustainable solutions," said Dr Promila Gupta, Director General of Health Services (DGHS) while inaugurating an ASSOCHAM Pharma Conclave 2018.

Despite having the technical capacity and vast talent pool and potential, Gupta said India's role in new drug discoveries, be it bio-pharmaceuticals or bio-similar, even for country's own health priorities, is quite limited. Furthermore, other factors like changing the burden of disease owing to the emergence of non-communicable diseases, more chronic diseases, cancerous conditions, lifestyle diseases and India is now said to be on the threshold of diabetes capital of the world.

All these, as per Gupta, give rise to the need to find advanced but affordable and accessible solutions and steer efforts towards intensifying the innovations in the pharma sector. She also urged the Indian pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of opportunities that have come up owing to recent revolutions at the molecular level, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and imaging technology which has led to advanced research in terms of understanding the underlined mechanism of several diseases.

"I feel that academic institutions, research laboratories and pharmaceutical industry involved in healthcare research, should utilise these opportunities properly and come up in a big way for discovery and development of new medical products and services in the country," said Gupta.

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