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CII president Shobana Kamineni urges India Inc to start investing

New Delhi: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) president Shobana Kamineni urged leaders of the industry that it is time for the industry to start investing on account of the improvement in domestic and global GDP.

“It is time for the industry to take the risk and build new capacity,” she said at the annual jamboree of India Inc at the CII Annual Session 2018.

She asked overseas companies to invest in the huge present and future opportunity of India.

She asked companies to do business ethically and transparently.  “We cannot have scams. Doing business responsibly is critical to the success of the industry,” she said.

CII president said that the Indian industry’s R&D spending is too low at 0.3 percent of GDP and companies must set aside a proportion of profits to invest in innovation.

She urged the government for the widening of the tax base through lowering of corporate income tax, better allocation of resources and right pricing, and deregulation of labour laws. “We value the assurance of a red carpet but cannot live under the fear that it can be pulled out from us at any moment,” she emphasised.

Meanwhile, DIPP secretary, Ramesh Abhishek, said that that several initiatives have been done by the Central and state governments to facilitate ease of doing business.

Recently, 14,000 reforms have been done by all the states combined to ensure procedures are streamlined, said Mr Abhishek.

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