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CreditStacks offer instant credit card approval for professionals who relocate to US

New Delhi, Feb 21: CreditStacks, an organization that offers the United States-based premium Mastercards to prime, new-to-credit clients, declared on Feb 20th, the dispatch of CreditStacks card, offering worldwide experts who move to the United States. 

The CreditStacks Mastercard credit offering means to satisfy an essential and key requirement for worldwide experts migrating to the U.S. on a work visa.

Each expert moving to the U.S. faces the credit problem, regardless of how much a man wins or how stellar of a reputation he or she may have, it is very hard to secure a credit card without local employment history, SSN or record of loan repayment record. 

The CreditStacks card is a progressive service that flips the content on the credit puzzle, giving qualifying candidates a liberal acknowledge line for incredible terms from the very first day.

EVP, Digital Partnerships, Mastercard, Sherri Haymond said, "Mastercard remains committed to helping financially underserved consumers connect to financial networks to unlock their economic potential and enable them in their everyday lives."

Haymond further added that "to meet the needs of today's increasingly global consumer, payment providers, issuers and merchants must come together to create solutions that are accessible and provide added value beyond payments. Our partnership with CreditStacks is a great example of how we are delivering on that." 

With the CreditStacks' progressive behavioural hazard models, relocatees are seen for who they truly are: financially sound experts who are creditworthy would now be able to get the card they merit and begin their American life the way they should.

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