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E-Courts services through common service centres

New Delhi: Court case information such as judicial proceedings/decisions, case registration, cause list, case status, daily orders, and final judgments of all computerized district and subordinate courts of the country will now be available across all Common Service Centers in the country.

The Government of India had initiated the second phase of the eCourts project as one of the National e-Governance projects, in August 2015 with an outlay of Rs.1670 crores. As on date, 16845 district and subordinate courts have been IT-enabled.

The eCourts project has made significant progress under the guidance of e-Committee of Supreme Court of India in computerizing district and subordinate courts of the country through the installation of case information software, hardware and local area network in courts. They are also being connected on Wide Area Network through a dedicated network offering bandwidth up to 100 Mbps. eCourts services have now been successfully rolled out through SMS, email, web, mobile app etc. benefiting millions of litigants and advocates.

In order to provide efficient and time-bound access to the Courts services to the litigant public, who are on the other side of the digital divide and don’t have access to the internet, the Department of Justice has decided to deliver eCourts services to them through around 2 lakh Common Service Centres (CSCs).

The rural reach of the CSC's is extensive, envisaging a minimum of one CSC in each Gram Panchayat, thus enabling eCourts services to reach all corners of the country. The collaboration between Department of Justice and Common Service Centers would thus mean that litigants can access easily, and readily case status information available on the eCourts database from any CSC. The eCourts database contains case information in respect of over 10 crore cases and more than 7 crore orders/judgments.

To ensure affordability, Department of Justice has decided not to charge any fee from the customers for eCourts related services delivered through CSC's. However, towards the cost of service, CSC's has been authorized to charge Rs.5/- for any of the 23 services available on Courts portal. Printing charges will be Rs.5/- per page if it is more than one page.

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