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Empower lab's Delta T challenges monopoly of Augmented Reality mobile games

New Delhi, Feb 27: Empower Labs, the Augmented Reality (AR) gaming startup from Hyderabad is all set to release its location-based mobile AR game ‘Delta T’.

Delta T’, is a time travel location-based Reality MMO mobile game, where gamers have to travel and strategies in the real world to play.

The Delta T franchise is set in a science fiction universe where time travel is a reality.
Featuring four Mega Corporations that fight for world domination, the players of the game fight it out for their chosen Megacorp, and their vision for the future.

The open beta of Delta T hits Play Store and iOS App Store this March 2018.

The game's closed beta in August last year spread virally to a 116 countries, in the three months of its closed beta, creating a stir in the AR gaming community.

The game's spectacular closed beta performance and its association with the creative team of Bahubali for their trailers have built up the expectations surrounding its open beta release. The open beta version of Delta T promises to be a major upgrade both in terms of the features and mechanics that it brings to the AR genre. "We're always pushing ourselves to bring the best to our users.

Delta T has been built ground up based on user feedback, working very closely with our community of beta gamers. We have also integrated innovative camera AR mechanics which add a lot of value to the gameplay," said Krishna Milan Rao, CEO and founder of Empower Labs.

Empower Labs has received about $1 Million in funding from private investors in the US and India. They plan to use the funds to complete development and market Delta T on a global scale, and to begin development on their next game based on the block chain platform.

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