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FY ending: CAG presents report on General and Social Sector for to Maharashtra State Legislature

New Delhi: The Comptroller & Auditor General of India has released its report on General and Social Sector for the year ended March 2017 for the Government of Maharashtra. The Report contains an overview of the results of audit of Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies of the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) falling under General and Social Sector, besides findings of two Performance Audits on ‘Food and Drugs Administration’ and ‘Management of Sports Infrastructure in Maharashtra’.  

The reports says that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) functioning under the administrative control of Medical Education and Drugs Department (MEDD), is responsible for implementation of the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act and Drugs and Cosmetics (D&C) Act as well as other Acts, Rules and orders designed to safeguard public health and for ensuring quality of Drugs, Cosmetics and Food. FDA carries out important regulatory functions of granting and renewing license for drugs issued to the manufacturer/sellers in the State, investigates complaints regarding quality and overpricing of drugs, carries out inspections of the drug manufacturing and selling units, draws and tests samples of food and drugs so as to ensure quality as per standards. The FDA is also required to take legal action against the offenders.\

A Performance Audit of Management of Sports Infrastructure in Maharashtra of School Education and Sports Department for the period 2012-17 revealed that though the Government of Maharashtra had formulated the new Sports Policy 2012, it was yet to be translated into an Action Plan. No long term plan was prepared for implementation of the Policy. There were delays in execution of schemes due to non-acquisition of land, change in design/scope of works and short or late-release of funds.  There was short-release of funds for maintenance and repairs too. As a result, the infrastructure created could not be optimally utilised. The functioning of Sports Academies also suffered from number of problems viz., less intake, inadequate coaching, lack of sports facilities and basic amenities and this impacted the performance at State, National, and International level games. Though emphasis was given on creation of sports infrastructure, in absence of qualified and capable coaches and focused training, it failed to yield the desired outcome. The release of funds was significantly less than the demands made.

The Theme Audit of Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana as implemented in the State revealed that for implementing the Scheme Government/Society had relied on data of total number of Ration Cards holders without obtaining the details of name and Ration Card Number. Therefore the correctness/authenticity of the beneficiaries covered under the Scheme could not be verified in audit. The health cards to the beneficiaries as envisaged in the Scheme, in order to identify them as well as make the beneficiaries aware of the Scheme benefits were not distributed. Expenditure of ` 68 lakh on printing of 18.51 lakh health cards was also rendered wasteful. Excess insurance premium which could not be quantified was paid in respect of all white Ration card holders instead of restricting it to the white Ration card holder farmers of the 14 suicide-prone districts as envisaged.

Audit of Upgradation of Government Medical Colleges (Mumbai and Nagpur) under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana revealed that a gap analysis of existing facilities and future requirements in tertiary care was not carried out. The upgradation programme of GMCs could not be implemented as per the plan and there were instances of enormous delays, non-execution of civil works and non-procurement as well as non-installation of equipment for want of space. Equipment worth ` 9.17 crore were not installed/remained non-functional due to want of required civil/electrical works, lack of infrastructure/supporting equipment/software etc., Non-adherence to the conditions relating to execution of contract agreement and performance security resulted in extension of undue benefits to suppliers of equipment.


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