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India and Morocco sign Air Services Agreement enabling greater connectivity

New Delhi: India and Morocco signed the revised Air Services Agreement between the two countries enabling greater connectivity through a modernized agreement.  

The delegation of the two countries has met three times in the past years wherein they have worked towards liberalization of markets between the two countries and updating of the existing Air Services Agreement.

The two sides cleared the legal and technical difficulties and agreed to a modern new text for the Air Services Agreement. 

Thereafter, both sides took approval for the agreed text of the Air Services Agreement from the respective governments and after approval, this document has been formally signed during the visit of  Mohammed Sajid, Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicraft and Social Economy who signed for the Moroccan side and the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu signed for the Indian side.

This milestone is an enabler for greater air connectivity between India and Morocco and will enable the airlines of each side to enter into a codeshare with airlines of another party, as well as provide greater freedom in mounting direct flights. 

These developments in the Civil Aviation sector will enable the people of each country to travel to the other country leading to better economic and cultural ties.

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