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Indian safety technology company Yepzon launches tracker device for safety of women, children

New Delhi, Feb 22: With the day to day increasing number of heinous crimes like sexual assault, molestation, acid attack, human trafficking, the worst affected are always women and children. Yepzon Oy, a safety technology company launches the very effective and trust-worthy tracking device 'Yepzont' for women and children.

Yepzon Oy has equipped the device with a technology-enabled security that allows its cloud service to incorporate the mobile service with a compatible positioning technology. This is after considering the point that exact information is the best way to tackle the security problems.

The person in need of help can be tracked within seconds, with the help of this new device along with a smartphone, despite how or where the person is.

Just a press of a button on the device would alert those concerned with the person's accurate location through the mobile app, with alarm.

Reportedly, Yepzon™ Freedom is the first autonomous personal positioning system with an alarm system combining Wi-Fi indoor positioning with 3G and GPS technologies.

Yepzon works on all smartphone platforms. No personal information or any of the user's credentials are required to use this device.

The device takes less than a minute to pair with any smartphone.  Its battery can run the device up to several weeks with a single charging cycle.

Yepzon Oy gives wearable technologies and smart clothing applications to locate people, pets, and things. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Tampere, Finland with a subsidiary in London, United Kingdom; a joint enterprise in Nevada, US and now a joint venture Yepzon India. Yepzon devices are also manufactured in India.

CEO of Yepzon Enterprises India, Ashish Deswal said, "Yepzon's safety and tracking products respond to the global feeling of insecurity especially among women, children, and elderly. They are scalable to anywhere in the world and are best gifts for loved ones."

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