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IT services company Wipro opens new technology centre in Texas

Texas: Wipro, India’s third-largest information technology services company, has announced that it had opened a technology centre in Plano, Texas.

The company had reportedly planned to increase the number of employees to 2,000 in the US state over the next few years.

At present, the company has around 1,400 employees working in Texas alone.

The headquarters of Wipro is in Bengaluru.

The Texas technology centre has initially employed around 150 people. The Company is focused on developing capabilities in new and emerging technologies.

The new facility that would house Wipro's US cybersecurity centre would also serve as a hub for advanced analytics, the company said.

“With more than 1,400 employees in Texas and major operations now in Plano, Dallas, and Houston, Wipro is playing an important role in the Texas economy," said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who on Tuesday visited Wipro’s facility in Electronic City, Bengaluru, along with senior officials of the state's administration.

In addition, Wipro has major operations in Dallas and Houston in Texas.

The company has a 26,000-square feet facility in Houston, which serves as a hub to drive digital business transformation for its clients from the energy sector.

Wipro also plans to develop a digital pod at its Houston facility, where its clients can leverage design thinking to foster innovation.

With rising protectionism across markets like the US, Singapore and now Australia, Indian IT firm are adjusting their business models to reduce dependence on visas, hiring more locals instead.

These firms are also setting up newer centres in the US, which accounts for about 60 percent of India’s IT export basket.

Infosys, for example, has said it will set up 4 technology and innovation hubs in the US and hire about 10,000 locals in the US.

“Our technology centre in Plano is the latest milestone in our growing operations in Texas and is a testament to the local talent pool and the robust support offered by the state to the technology sector,” said Abidali Z Neemuchwala, chief executive officer, Wipro.

During the last decade, Wipro has invested over $2 billion in the US where the company has over 40 facilities spread across 23 states.

The company employs over 13,000 people in the country, 55 percent of which are local Americans.

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