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Japanese information technology company NEC hosts Asia-Pacific exhibition to introduce top technology advancements

Bangkok, Feb 21: Japanese information technology company NEC hosted an Asia Pacific exhibition in Bangkok that showcased the latest improvements in technology.

The exhibition presented NEC's latest progressions in the dissemination of "Internet of Things" (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AI) in fields that include a broad spectrum. This extends from Public Services to Urban Management, as well as Business Transformation in healthcare, public safety, enterprise management, and Smart City infrastructure which focus at realizing utilities such as safety, security, efficiency, and equality.

NEC causes urban communities react to any emerging difficulties with respect to adaptably amid each phase of advancement. The answers for "Keen City" are intended to empower good quality urban living over numerous ages, while as yet adding to a more secure, more agreeable and eco-accommodating condition.

NEC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Takashi Niino, said, "NEC provides the most of digital transformation, and we are very eager to supply our A.I. system to more and more clients. In today's society, there are many ways to reform our working style. We would recognize the sustainable society and aim to bring vitality to companies, industries, cities, and people." 

The Japanese company has the world's no.1 facial identification system on the basis of both speed and accuracy.

This innovation is as of now being conveyed far and wide to help enhance wellbeing and security of the society. NEC innovation can give advantages to both the private and public division by conveying its biometric recognition system.

According to a participant, "I think that the possibility of human recognition is improving greatly as facial recognition technology progresses. As a result, we can also expect that the probability of detecting criminals and criminal activity to rise substantially too." 

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