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Martin Nydegger named CEO for Switzerland Tourism

New Delhi, Feb 26: Martin Nydegger is appointed as the new CEO of the Switzerland tourism. The selection of Martin Nydegger as the CEO had been announced by the Board of Directors of Switzerland Tourism.

The Federal Council accepted this choice at a meeting held in September 2017. The selection committee of the ST Board of Directors made their decision after a multiple-step selection procedure that featured a number of highly qualified applicants.

Martin Nydegger has proved to be the applicant who was best suited to the criteria defined for the position. His experience in Tourism administration and deep awareness of Switzerland Tourism is expected to ensure an unmatched change and follow up in the introductory phase.

Martin Nydegger has been a member of the Executive Board of Switzerland Tourism since 2008 and was in charge of Business Development. 

Before joining ST, he held a number of positions in the tourism sector, including six years as Director of the Engadin/Scuol Tourism Board. Martin Nydegger, who is a native of Bern, holds an Executive MBA in Strategic Corporate Management. Moreover, he had repeatedly undergone extensive training in marketing management.

Martin Nydegger said, "I am excited about my new role at Switzerland Tourism and build on the legacy by taking it to new heights. My journey with Switzerland Tourism has been remarkable and I look forward to further building and establishing this alluring travel destination." 

"India is an extremely relevant market for Switzerland Tourism and would rank 7th in terms of the importance of all the countries, globally," said Martin Nydegger on his recent visit to India.

He added that in terms of development, Switzerland Tourism has seen an enormous growth over the years. In the last three years, it witnessed a growth of roughly 53 percent and in 2017 alone the growth rate was a good 25 percent from India and is predicted to grow further by 33 percent in the next three to four years. 

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