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Microsoft Azure empowers digital transformation for Indian businesses

New Delhi, Feb 20: Microsoft has been at the vanguard of converging technologies offering growing reforms as a technology company, for many decades.

The new Microsoft is Azure is a global computing cloud used to constitute, execute and maintain applications through an unmatched global network of data centres.

Subsequently, it enabled Microsoft to offer exceptional differentiation in futuristic uses of cloud technologies.

Focusing to empower Indians as well as Indian organisations with world-class technological backups, Microsoft offers its software as a service on the Azure cloud. This enables businesses in India to stimulate their digital conversion in rendering new consumer experiences throughout 2017.

Azure maintains the extensive array of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases and devices, allowing enterprises to leverage the devices and technologies they believe.

Using Microsoft Cloud support, more than 2000 start-ups have produced a series of IT solutions for retail, e-commerce, banking, logistics, energy, healthcare, and FMCG organisations during 2017.

After this initiative, the company's demand is far more significant.

Microsoft witnessed India's top IT companies and talent combine to form the exceptional rises which Microsoft offers along with the open source data, AI innovations on Azure to create data-driven, intelligent apps.

Subsequently, a notable figure of Indian businesses is making new reforms using Microsoft's advanced cloud services in sectors such as big data, IoT, advanced analytics, and cognitive services.

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